Iron Galaxy has confirmed its upcoming offering Extinction will start to hit the consoles next year. Extinction will be formally launched at the E3 2017 event mid-June in Los Angeles, California.

Extinction is the next project offering from Iron Galaxy, developer of Killer Instinct, and published by Maximum Games. This action-adventure title centres on the last defenders of the human race from the ill-treating hands of giants. At the core of the gameplay, players will have to take down the gigantic green 150-foot tall ogres to progress in the game.

Alongside the announcement, Extinction's official website dropped today by the developer and publisher. In a video teaser revealed, Avil, one of the male heroes, can be seen fighting against elements, including some flying goblins towing a sword. The ogre has the ability to regenerate its arms when it is cut down.

According to what has been initially described by Iron Galaxy, Extinction's combat is pretty much similar to what is seen in the video teaser. The developer promises to bring in a skill-based battle as it is focusing on movement. The title will have a full story campaign and side quests that will put heroes to test.

The working team behind Extinction aims for the game to go beyond a mere single-player experience by providing a wide variety of technical combats. Maximum Games executive producer Derek Neal says, "As the protagonist tasked with a huge undertaking – both in fighting enormous ogres and saving humans from disaster – each player's experience will be varied, as the landscapes and battle situations are never identical."

Aside from the full story campaign, skill-based combat, and side missions, Extinction also features the Interactive Environment, Innumerable Battle Scenarios, Custom Battles, and Extinction Mode.