Explosion on moon? Strange red glow spotted during Blood Moon?

YouTube: Splendid Dragon 1

A YouTube channel named Splendid Dragon 1 has released an eerie footage of the moon during the time of July 27 blood moon. The video shows a strange red surface anomaly appearing on the lunar surface, and after 30 minutes, it resurfaces again. The YouTube channel revealed that the bizarre sighting was shot from Germany at around 10.30 PM local time.

Even though the video was originally uploaded by Splendid Dragon 1, it gained popularity after it was shared by the conspiracy theory channel 'UFOmania'. The video which was uploaded a few hours ago has already racked up more than 2,800 views, and spectators are quick to speculate what the bizarre red anomaly could be.

Most of the viewers who watched the video argued that a huge explosion happened on the lunar surface during the blood moon and they believe that these blasts resulted in the red anomaly featured in the video.

"Looks like a huge explosion happening on the moon. Something that blew up & made a huge fireball in that area," commented Donnie Blair, a YouTube user.

Another section of people claimed that these are all indications of the new world order's attempt to stage an alien invasion.

"Aliens are demonic ... an "invasion" will be used to bring in NWO. this is the end times deception Jesus was warning us about," commented Can't Stop This, another YouTuber.

Most of the viewers believe that NASA is hiding many mysterious secrets on the lunar surface. These conspiracy theorists argue that the United States space agency is well aware of alien existence in the moon, and that is why they have recently scrapped the idea of taking humans again to the lunar surface. They even believe that Trump's recent move to operate a space force is an indirect admission of alien existence.

"The NASA footage before the eclipse showed a view of the moon I've never seen. The view was way closer to the surface than usual and clearer than ever. Once the eclipse started, they never showed that view again and the moon went back to its blurry self. Did anyone else see that?," commented Joel Miller.

This article was first published on July 30, 2018