Explosion Hits Power Plant in Iran's Isfahan Province

The explosion in Isfahan's power plant has destroyed the laboratory in which Iran developed faster centrifuges

An explosion was reported on Sunday, July 19, at a power plant in the central Iranian province of Isfahan, but there were no casualties, the official IRNA news agency reported.

This incident is the latest addition to the mysterious series of blasts and blazes that have occurred throughout the country. Isfahan is the region in which the Natanz nuclear facility is located that was damaged in a July 2 explosion.

Series of Blasts

Iran's national flag
Iran's national flag Reuters

The blast was caused by the wear and tear of a transformer at the power plant in Islamabad, the managing director of the Isfahan power company told IRNA. Power was interrupted for two hours, he said. There have been several explosions and fires around Iranian military, nuclear and industrial facilities since late June. As per Israeli TV reports, the latest incident has destroyed the laboratory in which Iran developed faster centrifuges and set back the Iranian nuclear program by one or two years.

Recently on Saturday, July 18 according to local media reports, in the Ahvaz region which is located in the south of the country, there was an explosion at a pipeline. A video of the alleged incident emerged on social media and became viral. The video showed a huge fire at the scene but there were no reports of casualties in the incident. It was also not clear what had caused the explosion.

Iran currently dealing with the global pandemic which affected more than 273,000 Iranians as of now. But on Saturday, the president of Iran Hassan Rouhani stated that around 25 million Iranians have got infected with the novel Coronavirus and another 35 million are at risk of acquiring.

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