Exploring the Crypto Future: XRP, Monero, and Big Eyes Coin in the Limelight

Big Eyes Coin

As the upcoming US Presidential Campaign gains momentum, a new and intriguing topic has emerged on the political landscape the role of cryptocurrencies. With U.S. Presidential Contender Vivek Ramaswamy accepting Bitcoin donations, it raises the question of whether cryptocurrencies will become key issues during the campaign.

In this article, we take a look at cryptos like XRP, Monero, and Big Eyes Coin (BIG) to see what kind of successes or troubles they face to determine if crypto does have a strong future in the financial ecosystem.

XRP Up 10%

XRP has faced its fair share of controversy with the powers that be and, although still in the long battle with the SEC, is expected to reach a verdict soon. The case that went to the court stated that Ripple sold over a billion dollars worth of XRP without first listing it as a security, however, Ripple argues with the SEC that XRP does not fall within the requirements to be considered a security.

In the weeks since this statement, the price of XRP has fluctuated steadily; however, it has seen a surge in price in the past week, going up nearly 10%. This has led it to be the most profitable crypto in the market. In addition to the possible favourable ruling, a possible reason for this could be that the crypto is expected to participate in the development of the digital Hong Kong Dollar, and will most likely launch its own CBDC platform.

Mordinals Displease Community

It began with Bitcoin ordinals, a type of NFT that allows users to inscribe data alongside transactions that effectively track these transactions and the owner. Monero has developed their version of this named Mordinals which are a modified version of the Ordinals.

The displeasure comes from the fact that these Mordinals can harm the privacy of the blockchain, which is concerning because Monero prides itself on security.

Normally, the blockchain creates dummy transactions to bundle with a real one, but the main issue is that for an NFT, it will be unimportant to differentiate the real one from the fake.

However, since Bitcoin ordinals worked so well, the blockchain is optimistic that this will help them to double their value.

Big Eyes Coin - The Memorable Meme Coin with a Purpose

Big Eyes Coin, on the other hand, represents a unique fusion of meme culture and utility-driven cryptocurrencies. Operating similarly to established projects like Dogecoin, Big Eyes Coin has captured the attention of meme coin lovers and investors seeking a fun and lucrative investment opportunity. Big Eyes Coin stands out by incorporating utility features that drive its value.

The project aims to foster a vibrant community by encouraging active participation through gamified elements, meme contests, and community-driven initiatives. Big Eyes Coin provides an engaging and potentially lucrative investment avenue for individuals looking to join the meme coin revolution.

Its upcoming casino provides the perfect lucrative opportunities for investors. With over 4 000 play-to-earn (P2E) games and numerous other mobile games, the $BIG exclusive casino provides players with many ways to win big, spend big, and stay connected to the platform.

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These projects offer unique value propositions and cater to diverse audiences within the crypto community.

Whether it is the utility-driven nature of XRP or Monero, the privacy focus, or the big potential of winning/meme-inspired appeal of Big Eyes Coin, these projects exemplify the innovative spirit and endless possibilities of cryptocurrencies.

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