Experts at Johns Hopkins Predicted a Coronavirus Pandemic Similar to COVID-19 Outbreak Few Years Ago

The scenario was published as a part of training so that the public health communicators are prepared for a future world health crisis

The deadly coronavirus pandemic is currently spreading like wildfire around the world and has claimed the lives of over 892,000 people globally. Now, according to reports, a team of experts at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health and Security published a scenario as a part of a training exercise in 2017, which is very much similar to the current global condition. The scenario was published as the experts believed that such a situation can take place in the near future.

According to the scenario, the name of the pandemic is SPARS, which started in the year 2025. The plot talks about a few Americans die of unknown reason after returning from Asia with an influenza-like illness as the CDC confirmed that they were infected with a novel coronavirus named SPARS-CoV.

'SPARS Pandemic'

Coronavirus Pandemic
Coronavirus Pandemic (Representational Image) Wikimedia Commons

The virus spreads through respiratory droplets and the CDC recommends everyone to disinfect surfaces. The scenario narrates that the incubation period is around 7 to 10 days, and can be spread by asymptomatic carriers whereas pregnant women and people with underlying conditions like asthma and emphysema are at a greater risk for death and complication. The WHO also recommends social distancing, according to the plot for training.

The scenario goes on to state that an existing antiviral frug might help in treating the disease and the FDA of US issue an Emergency Use Authorization for the drug to treat SPARS patients. However, it becomes apparent that the drug can cause side effects. The scenario also talked about the rumors and misinformation regarding the outbreak thus having striking resemblance to the current situation.

After reading the SPARS Pandemic Scenario anyone can think that the person is reading an account of the coronavirus pandemic. However, as reported by CNN, the scenario was not an attempt of predicting the future but to make the public health communicators understand what they might face in the future. The experts hoped that there will be a proper response to such pandemics, but the current situation does not totally resonate with what the experts expected.

The deadly virus outbreak has affected the US the most infecting more than 6.3 million people in the country and claiming the lives of over 189,000 people till now. An effective vaccine is expected by the first quarter of 2021.

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