Experts Claim These Are One of the Most Riskiest Places to Catch Coronavirus During Winter

The scientists mentioned that according to their estimates, COVID-19 cases are going to increase in winter

The novel coronavirus or COVID-19 is going to spread more during this winter and the public toilets will be one of the riskiest places to catch the deadly disease, scientists mentioned. The experts warned that the public toilets might become crowded and might have the virus on the cold surfaces. According to the latest batch of documents released by SAGE, the experts mentioned that people who are returning from holidays must be tested twice.

They claimed that the local lockdown will harm the economy and HIV positive people are 63 percent more likely to lose their lives 28 days after catching the disease. They also added that 'super spreader' events are most likely to take place where people talk loudly.

'Environmental Transmission' to Rise in Winter


According to the scientists, 'environmental transmission', the spread of the deadly disease outside homes is going to rise during the winter and public toilets are risky. The researchers had earlier warned that during winter the virus can survive for period. There is lesser amount of temperature, sunlight, and humidity during winter, which are thought to kill the virus.

The minutes of the SAGE meeting said, "SAGE noted that public toilets pose a comparatively high risk of transmission, with the main transmission route in that setting being from surfaces. This is due to a combination of low levels of natural light, confined spaces and the risk of faecal or urine transmission," as reported by the Daily Mail. Many studies have suggested that the virus can spread between people through excrement. But the SAGE said that more evidence is required to back the studies.

The deadly virus outbreak has created a major stir around the world in recent times as scientists are working at a rapid speed to find a cure for the disease. Russia has already registered its first coronavirus vaccine and the country is going to start a mass vaccination program in the month of May. However, most of the experts around the world are not sure about the safety of the Russian vaccine called Sputnik V.

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