Exotic Dishes Spiced with Health and Love. Explore them with cultural-cuisine Chef, Ligia Lugo.

Ligia Lugo

If you are passionate about health,and love discovering exotic, vitality-packed recipes, we have just the chef and health foodie for you! For chef Ligia Lugo, the bridge between health and flavor is well traversed. This young and dynamic foodie explorer,heads into worlds of cultural cuisines and adapts them to suit a health-driven lifestyle. With her recipes, you will never be lost in translation. She bridges worlds for you.

Fueled by her passion for exotic dishes, Ligia has embarked on years of travel adventures. They have taken her to the heart of local cultures and the inspiring flavors they have to offer. She loves experimenting with new dishes and invigorating them with fresh local ingredients,packed with nutrition.

The last year has left us all rather local in location and limited on vacations. Changing sceneries and flavors which add that special spice,has mostly been behind the veil.It can be tempting to fall into the vices of repetitive daily habits. It's easy to forget the inspiration which keeps us sailing towards new and interesting horizons. We all know that familiar slump into a fast food and lethargy cycle, leaving us constantly craving something when nothing really hits the spot.

On the other hand – in this 'novel' time, we face the potentially endless resource of our inner creativity. A helpful nudge and some useful resources can really change the game,bringing variety and dynamic into our homes and daily existence.Reframed, this time is the perfect opportunity to take the helm, push your own creative boundaries and travel without moving.

Ligia's recipes bring the world into your kitchen and boost your health and vitality at the same time.

Bring your family together or feed your own soul with Ligia's recipe treasure trove: The Daring Kitchen. Making exotic dishes child's play, her recipes walk you through, in simple terms,a variety of cooking techniques powered with great tips and attention to detail. Along with nutrition as her top priority, artistry and beautiful presentation tips ensure your dishes look as good as they taste !Her recipes are fun, colorful, and dynamic and you know you're in the capable hands of one of the best international culinary artists out there.

"Travel is something that entices me," exclaims Lugo. "As Chris and I have traveled around, we felt the need to expand our horizons. So, we started experimenting with cultural dishes and our passion for health and nutrition. We launched The Daring Kitchen to share the gems we develop with others and make a community out of it. We love to toss different ingredients together and experiment with new dishes. Flavors create warmth and good-vibes, which is what we at The Daring Kitchen, are all about! "

Having explored 63 countries and their unique cuisines, Ligia is still on her way to exploring new frontiers and flavors. Learning from locals about their exotic dishes she has adapted them into vibrant, healthy recipes using locally available ingredients. Ligia is a master of creative flair making no sacrifice on taste and nutrition.

The Daring Kitchen, which frames cooking as both an art and science, is a food website started by Ligia Lugo. The blog features a variety of healthy recipes with creative, delicious dishes. From mouthwatering recipes to the latest in cookware and culinary gadgets to enhance your kitchen experience, The Daring Kitchen has proved to be an incredible resource for all health and food lovers out there with a warm, personal touch of the artisan herself.

"Food is so much about a personal experience that nothing will top cooking for yourself. We help people do just that," she says with a hearty smile.