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Korean idol group EXO scored another feat when they sold one million copies of their new album in just 24 days.

They released the album "The War" on July 19 and it reached 1.01 million in sales on August 11, or in less than a month, according to SM Entertainment. The total sales are composed of the Korean and Chinese versions of "The War."

EXO expressed their thanks to the fans for the support.

"It hasn't even been a month since our album came out, and the fact that the album sold over a million copies is unbelievable. We feel that we must work harder to match the love we have received," they said, according to AllKpop. "These results are all because of the fans. With a grateful heart, we will continue to create good music and performances."

The latest achievement has earned EXO the title quadruple million seller as "The War" is the boy band's fourth album to sell one million copies and the album which got reached the milestone in the shortest time.

EXO first sold one million copies in 2013 with the combined sales of their "XOXO" album. They achieved the feat again in 2015 with "Exodus" and last year with "Ex'Act."

"The War" is EXO's fourth full album that carries the title track "Ko Ko Bop" whose dance steps became viral in many countries.

"Ko Ko Bop" won EXO many trophies on TV music shows and it topped Korean and international music charts.

When the album came out, it ranked first on iTunes charts in 42 countries and it placed first on Billboard's World Albums chart for two consecutive weeks.

Before it was released, "The War" garnered 800,000 in pre-orders. The music video for "Ko Ko Bop" has also garnered 44 million views as of Aug. 14 since its release on July 18.