EXO's Lay says 'NO' to romance dramas, explains his objection to intimate scenes

Says he is fine with war-related projects instead.

Lay with Jackie Chan, with whom he'll star in 'Kung Fu Yoga.' instagram.com/zyxzjs

Chinese singer-songwriter and actor Zhang Yixing, popularly known as Lay, revealed that he has no interest in signing another Romance drama in the future. The actor was speaking about his future plans in a promotional interview for the Chinese drama 'Operation Love,' which is a remake of the popular 2007 Japanese romantic comedy of the same name.

"Even if it's physically hard, I think I'd be okay with doing projects about war or life in the army. However, in the future, I think I'll reject any romance dramas," Lay said, as reported by website Soompi. "For some reason, I'm not completely comfortable with it. It's not like one has to show intimate scenes to portray love," he added.

Lay was also aware that he may be upsetting his fans with such an announcement and said he hopes his fans do not misunderstand his decision. "I don't want fans to misunderstand and get hurt, so I have a hard time saying 'I love you' to them," he said.

It's very obvious from his words that he is more or less sure about which path he does not want to tread upon in his career, in the future. The actor has expressed in the past that he is not comfortable with performing intimate love scenes on camera, owing to his more conservative outlook. "Maybe it's because I'm quite traditional and conservative, but having kiss scenes in dramas is a bit difficult for me to understand, especially because it's something you do in a relationship," Lqay had said in November, as reported by Soompi.

The actor, who has starred in three romantic comedy films till now, is also of the opinion that there are dramas that overuse intimate scenes for no particular reason, other than to spice things up. "I don't think it's good for both sides. While it might be a psychological problem for me, I think there are a few dramas that overuse kiss scenes for no reason. I think it's a bit irresponsible and I find it hard to understand," Lay said.

Ironically, the movie he is promoting now, 'Operation Love,' is also a romantic story, albeit wrapped within a science fiction subject. Lay will also star alongside superstar Jackie Chan in a Sino-Indian co-production, 'Kung Fu Yoga,' which is an action-adventure comedy movie. It must have been a breath of fresh air for Lay.

This article was first published on December 29, 2016