EXO's Kai talks about his love for dance

For EXO's Kai , dancing comes natural to him.

EXO member Kai has opened up about his love for dance. The 22-year-old singer talked about his passion for the art form during an interview with GQ magazine.

Kai, whose real name is Kim Jong-in said: "Rather than there being a specific reason why, you could say that it was something natural for me. My parents let me find what I wanted to do on my own. Luckily. I went to a lot of hagwons (private academies). I went to them all, and from the first day I was at an academy for jazz dance, I danced like crazy."

"It honestly wasn't something I chose. Naturally, so much so that I could say from the moment I was born, dance was there, in my first memories. Rather than saying that movement and dancing makes me happy, I want to say that my first memories were of dance," he added.

"I can dance even if there's no music. I just need sound. If someone next to me says something like 'I drank water today, I drank water and then my stomach hurt.' If they just say that I could dance. I think I just like sound," Kai said.