EXO's Kai reveals his love for video game made him a popular singer

The singer loves ballet dancing and takes regular classes.

EXO's Kai
The singer is known as "The dancing machine" for his ballet dance. Pinterest

EXO's Kai has revealed his earlier plans for life were quite different from that of a singer in the music industry. Kai who has been associated with S.M. entertainment for past few years confessed he never intended to audition for the entertainment group and wanted to be a ballet dancer.

The singer admitted he dreamt of becoming a ballet dancer. However, his father wished for him to pursue singing and it was basically a temptation for a video game that landed him in the auditions for SM entertainment and that made him such a popular singer today.

The singer explained that his father asked him to audition for the entertainment agency, that was coincidentally on the same date as the interview for the arts school specialising in ballet. Kai, because of his strong inclinations towards the ballet dance decided to budge the audition but his father promised him to buy a video game if he went for the auditions and the small temptation became the foundation stone of his successful career.

In an interview with Sports Seoul, Kai talked about his significant experiences in the past year and his upcoming plans for 2017, reported Koreaboo. The EXO singer informed that on the days with light work, especially the ones when he doesn't have any events lined up, the singer undergoes 5 hour practise of dance followed by two to three hours of acting class and three hours of singing lessons. He also revealed that his day usually gets over by 2 am.

EXO had a busy 2016 with new music releases and promotion of their music videos "Monster", "Lotto" and "For Life". But this year, all the members of the musical group are investing their time in independent projects like performing in movies, dramas and OSTs.

This article was first published on January 8, 2017