EXO's Kai recalls having 'war' over food during debut days

Kai revealed EXO members fought over food during debut days.

EXO member Kai
EXO member Kai Facebook/EXO-for-Exotic-indonesia

South Korean singer and actor Kai has opened up about the struggles they went through during the initial days of their career. The 23-year-old member of the South Korean-Chinese boy group EXO revealed that they fought over food.

During an appearence on KBS 2TV's Happy Together on August 31, Kai talked about their hardship days. He said: "When we debuted, all we ate was kimbap. But out of the six rolls of kimbap, only one of them would be tuna kimbap or cheese kimbap. So then it would be a war."

"After you eat kimbap, you get thirsty and want to drink a carbonated drink. But they would buy only one or two cans," he added.

Hearing this sad story, others suggested that the agency should have taken little more care for their nutrition, Kai explained: "It was during the time of our debut so we didn't have a lot of money. We did it to have fun and to save money."

Adding on, Kai also recalled a terrifying experience he had in an elevator. He said: "I got on an elevator and heard the sound of rats. Then suddenly, the elevator started to drop. It turns out that it was the sound of the elevator cables breaking, not rats. I climbed up to the first floor and screamed for help."