EXO's Kai gives update on health, says Lay will join band in Japan concert

EXO member Kai says he is 90% recovered from the leg injury.

EXO member Kai
EXO member Kai says he is 90% recovered from the leg injury. Facebook/EXO-for-Exotic-indonesia

EXO's Kai hinted at the presence of fellow band member Lay at an upcoming concert. The singer revealed that the 25-year-old, who fell unconscious at the airport last week, will be joining the band for the concert taking place at the Makomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena in Hokkaido, Japan, on October 13-14.

In his latest Naver V Live interaction, Kai revealed that they are currently in Japan, and Lay will join them soon. He said: "Lay hyung is ill and didn't get on the plane with us. I know you all must be worried, but I think he's okay. He will probably take a flight here tomorrow." Kai told the fans that after taking Lay to the hospital, other EXO member boarded their flight for the rising sun country.

In addition, f(x)'s Krystal's boyfriend also updated his fans of his health issues. The singer affirmed that he is doing well and has almost recovered from the injury. Kai was reportedly on rest from March due to a leg injury. He was on a performance break but the singer has now started taking active part in the band's activities.

He assured his fans, and said: "My leg is much better. It's about 90% recovered. I can dance now. I went through physical therapy about 3 hours a day. Don't worry about me."

"My manager hyung is watching over my broadcast right now. He must be worried about me. But I think I'll do well. It's not something too difficult," he further added.