EXO member Kai showed his emotional side during a recent fan meet. The 22-year-old singer, who was along with his bandmate D.O. cried while a promotional activity for their latest album, EX'ACT.

Kai, whose real name is Kim Jong-in said: "I'm not sure if my feelings or the words I want to say were properly conveyed during our brief conversations. If given the opportunity, one day I want to talk to you guys for a long time."

In March, Kai had gotten an ankle injury. However, he actively participated in his group's concerts.

"I'll always work hard, and won't be injured. I'm sorry. I think many of you were worried because I've been injured so often. I won't get hurt [from now on]. I will work really hard," he added.

Supporting an emotional Kai, D.O. said: "He doesn't really show or express it, but he really has a pure and sensitive heart."

EXO released their third studio album on 9 June. Adding on, their single Monster earned their first number one on Billboard's World Digital Songs chart.