EXO's D.O. will only accept 'the hearts of fans'

EXO's D.O. has asked his fans to keep supporting him with their love.

EXO's D.O. will not be accepting any gifts from fans. The 23-year-old singer, whose real name is Do Kyung So, has asked his fans to keep supporting him with their love and not physical items.

On behalf of the boy band member, D.O. Fan Union shared his decision in Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese on Twitter. The announcement read: "We'd like to express Kyungsoo's opinion that he thanks all his fans for their continuous and unlisted love and that he will accept only their heart. For this reason, there will be no more support, with the production report conference of the movie 'Pure Love' for our last support. Although we cannot directly support Kyungsoo through his company anymore, we will continue to support him through other ways. Please provide our warm-hearted Kyungsoo with greater love and fantastic support. We thank all of you for being with us."

This comes after Chen revealed that he will stop accepting gifts from fans. He said: "From now on, I think it'll be enough just to accept EXO-Ls' hearts."

He continued: "You might be disappointed but suddenly, I started to feel sorry about accepting presents from you guys. I want to show everyone that I'm making good use of all the gifts and that I kept them all but that turned out to be not an easy task. I believed that some fans might think that I like someone else's gifts and not like others' gifts so that's why I arrived at this conclusion. I decided this because I know clearly well that I should be thankful for every present you send me and that each gift hold special meaning."

Chen concluded: "I can feel EXO-Ls' hearts plenty while I'm on stage, and I can feel it through your voices when you cheer us on. So please don't feel dejected or hurt and please continue to be a lovable fan."