Chen is the the main vocalists of the South Korean-Chinese boy group EXO and its sub-group EXO-M Facebook

For the third time, EXO's Chen fans have planted a forest in the name of the star as a remembrance of EXO's fifth debut anniversary. The project is titled "EXO Chen Forest No.3" and is executed jointly by Chen's Korean fan club (Kim Jong Dae University) with the star's Chinese fan club (CHENbar). The project is supported by the tree-planting company "Tree Planet."

Soompi reported that the team will undertake a mission to "transform Seoul's 7017 Street from an urban road into a natural oasis by lining it with trees that protect against smog and fine dust." The initiative also allows fans and netizens to plant trees in their or their family's name. More details are up on Tree Planet's official website.

It is to be noted that Tree Planet has so far planted over 97 forests in the names of celebrities such as EXO and MAMAMOO. Based in China, the organisation strives to prevent desertification and make the planet greener. So far, the foundation has executed projects in more than 12 countries.

Soompi also published statements from the fans club and Tree planet representatives. "We hope that Chen can continue to grow like these trees and become a bigger world star. We are proud to participate again in this opportunity to add green spaces to urban areas," stated Chen's Korean fan club, Kim Jong Dae University. While Tree Planet's representative, Kim Hyung Soo, said, "In this project to transform this historical space into a place for the people, we are happy to work with Kim Jong Dae University and CHENbar. We hope that many more citizens and stars will add their stories to our cause."

Meanwhile, in a live video conference, EXO thanked their fans for the love and support that they have been receiving for the past five years. "We were happy these last five years. Truthfully, there were sad moments and happy moments, but I think we were able to be happy to this day because we've shared all of them together. We want to thank you. It's our fifth anniversary. Now that we're five years old, we still have 10, 15, 20, 50? Years ahead of us left…We have the rest of our concerts. All that's left is for us to show you have how hard we've been preparing. Thank you so much for always loving EXO, including Lay who was unable to be here, and we hope you will continue to love us," Suho thanked his fans.