It's been revealed that EXO band member Lay is not suffering from food poising. The singer was reportedly rushed to hospital on Monday after he passed out while shooting for Chinese reality TV show 'Extreme Challenge'.

Fresh reports have surfaced claiming that the 24-year-old fainted due to fatigue, and not because of food poisoning as believed earlier. Variety show staff have revealed that the singer has been extremely tied up lately and collapsed as he was totally drained out and exhausted.

"Lay was actually very tired. During that time, he was involved in drama filming, performances, press conferences, and more. The night before the show recording, he arrived at Hainan, had a little bit of food, and said he wasn't feeling well overall. Then the next morning he said he could not taking it any longer, " a source told Sina News as per Allkpop.

Apparently, the 'Call me baby' singer didn't seem well from the start of the shoot. He kept vomiting and looked dizzy. However, after getting a bit of rest and receiving a lot of fluid and IV at the hospital, Lay returned to the filming.