An Exhibition of Innovation with Zain Kheraj's TrustMySystem

Zain Kheraj

The current pandemic has accelerated the ongoing paradigm shift on the stage of business today. Online avenues which before were only starting to gain importance have now taken the spotlight. Completely web-based companies have emerged in massive numbers, and even brick-and-mortar businesses have realized the significance of the online stage.

The World Wide Web comes with the advantages of a much greater, international audience that comes from a wider variety of demographics; greater user-convenience; and in the current world, a means of doing business that is safe from the dangers of the disease. Navigation of the online world, in proper conjunction with the traditional aspects of a prosperous business, can make or break any contemporary company.

In addition, starting a company in the world's current business environment can be a petrifying prospect, but it could also be an immensely profitable venture for those who would dare.

One successful example is TrustMySystem, a sports consulting company founded by Zain Kheraj. TMS Sports Consulting serves as a 'labor of love' for the young American entrepreneur.

By creating a company that combines his love of sports with his aptitude for consulting, Zain Kheraj was able to use his passion to become financially successful. Although being able to apply your passion is a good start, it is never the be-all and end-all of business. Zain wisely directed his passion into a profitable venture by creating a business that fulfills a specific niche need with its own unique selling proposition.

In the case of TrustMySystem, this unique feature is its transparency. In contrast with other sports consulting companies, TMS consistently delivers data to its wide variety of customers with full transparency.

At the same time, Zain espouses honesty and credibility as being important factors in building good long-term working relationships with TMS's clients. However, these policies are only half the battle for TMS. Quality customer service and highly competitive and economical pricing work together to secure the loyalty of customers drawn in by the company's transparency-based branding.

Of course, as an online-based company, TMS would not be able to maximize its potential without proper handling of the online sphere. For this, TMS hosts its own website as well as its own Instagram account, both of which are constantly updated to display customer-relevant information such as sports data, predictions, merchandise, and promos. The company's drive for transparency works synergistically with their online presence, with their sites serving as crystal-clear lenses into TMS's activities.

Zain Kheraj sees himself and his company as trendsetters in the sports consulting industry, and he emphasizes the significance of being a pioneer in a modern world. In this online, social media dominated world, Zain would rather be an influencer than one of the followers. This exact mindset is what he recommends to aspiring and budding entrepreneurs.

With the example of TrustMySystem, Zain espouses the importance of a trailblazing business attitude. With innovations ranging from products to company policy, to marketing strategies, Zain Kheraj's TrustMySystem is one company to watch and follow for young businessmen.

Zain Kheraj champions his daring attitude not only for business but also for one's career and personal life. Zain is the primary practitioner and benefactor of what he preaches, having taken a leap of faith in starting TrustMySystem by defying a conservative, career-focused immigrant family and leaving behind a stable career in a high-profile multinational firm.

In doing so, he confirmed the validity of a commonly stated but seldom followed proverb: Fortune favors the bold.