EXCLUSIVE: Rapper Mukkta K reveals how she spends time in self-quarantine during the coronavirus crisis

The coronavirus outbreak is wreaking havoc around the world and people are in panic mode as thousands are contracting the virus every day and the death toll keeps mounting. After China, Italy is now the worst-hit as 4,032 people have lost their lives and 47,021 have been confirmed positive and are being treated in hospitals.

Dozens of celebrities have been infected by Covid-19. Among them is Indian rapper and lingerie model Mukkta K. She spoke exclusively to IBTimes Singapore about how she's dealing with the coronavirus situation and revealed that she is self-quarantined in her apartment and is spending all her time ''pampering'' herself with ''self love.''

Mukkta K Coronavirus
Instagram grab/ Mukkta K

''Self quarantine is the best time for self love! All that 'Me' time is for self pampering, and a break needed to find and love yourself and spend time with yourself.'' The singer also stated that people need to stay home and try out everything they previously wanted to do, as now is the time to explore options. ''Social distancing can be a good idea if you take it positively. Watch your favourite series, finish a book that you always wanted to. Try out some fun recipes and eat clean homemade healthy food,'' she said.

'Stay clean, hydrated'

Mukkta also stressed on the fact that people need to listen carefully to what the government is saying with regard to containing the virus and take all necessary precautions to keep it at bay. ''Please listen to the government and do not step outside unless it's really urgent. Stay clean and stay hydrated. Do not panic buy and enjoy peaceful time with yourself and your family.''

She said we all should be grateful and to the government and the medical staff for being alert during the coronavirus crisis and putting themselves at risk despite grave danger. ''We should all be really grateful to the government, police, medical facilities and professionals who are putting themselves through it for our safety. Biggest way to thank them is to be at home and to not step out.''

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