Exclusive interview with the well-known name of the supplement industry Koray Akbiyik

Koray Akbiyik

Interviewer: People are loving the quality of your products but a bit of them is still somewhere confused between BPS Pharma and Not4Pussy, what is your brand name?

Koray Akbiyik: BPS Pharma (Best Pharma Supplements)

Interviewer: What's the reason behind using this name as your brand name?

Koray Akbiyik: Well, there are several reasons. On the one hand, the idea was to develop supplements that really work in their composition and effect. Since 1994, I myself have been dealing with various active ingredients and substances in order to get the greatest possible out of the human body. When I started exercising, there was only protein, creatine, and a few vitamin products.

Over time, more and more products have been added by new companies. But there was never really anything new. I started to study all the books about the anatomy and function of the human body myself.

Aging process, nutrition. Consumption of sugary foods and their effect on the human body. I tried a lot of things myself. Visited countries where for years traditional medicine has been studied through the use of natural active ingredients and their effect on the organism. Through my experience in the distribution of one of the largest dietary supplement manufacturers in the world, I was able to see the differences that are important for a really good product.

90% of the manufacturers who launch a product on the market today do not even have 20% of the ingredients in their products. In particular, I focused on the Pre workout products. All products have skulls or some dangerous monsters printed on their labels. I told myself that this is not the right way. So, I wanted to bring the fitness scene closer to products of this kind, so that they had nothing to fear. At that time, we started with very potent ingredients that were not yet banned at the time.

But what should the first product be called so that it doesn't sound too ridiculous? But still a certain respect was preserved.

So, I decided on the name #NOT4PUSSY. Which means that it is not for weaklings or people who only have a big mouth. As an icon, I had the mouse designed, which very quickly appealed to women and men at the same time. The age of a new "New Age" brand had begun. Also, the intake reception was just brilliant.... A huge hype began all over the world.

Interviewer: (Moving Forward with another basic question) When are where were you born?

Koray Akbiyik: I was born on 21.03.1974 in Germany.

Interviewer: Where is the brand settled?

Koray Akbiyik: In Europe and USA

Interviewer: When did you start?

Koray Akbiyik: I started to train by myself in 1993. In my young years, I do Decathlon until I was 16 years old. I do Sport for my whole life.

Interviewer: When was the brand established?

Koray Akbiyik: In 2016 we started as an underground brand. In 2018 we become a real Company brand by developing new products in different categories.

Interviewer: What made you step in this field?

Koray Akbiyik: We will develop a new series of products for a truly healthier lifestyle in the field of "biohacking" Most companies do not know what potential is behind it. Due to the continuous aging process, certain functions such as vision, muscle strength, memory are reduced over time.
Of course, we will also continue to expand our popular #NOT4PUSSY with a new name, which we cannot yet announce. But we are pretty sure that we will meet the ravages of time in the field of gaming and metaverse.

Interviewer: What do you find interesting in this field?

Koray Akbiyik: I'll give you an example: Nowadays, food and training alone are no longer enough to get a healthy body for life.

I myself have adapted my body to a personalized diet and supplementation. Most of the foods we get in supermarkets do not even contain 20% of vital substances that they originally contained.
This is certainly also due to the overbreeding of food. Likewise, the growing industry of multi-processing foods that humans consume leaves its mark. This is exactly where we as a company come in.

Interviewer: (With happiness) What are your future plans?

Koray Akbiyik: (Enjoying the conversation) Well, it is important to understand that we have a certain philosophy in our company.

First and foremost, we are grateful that our customers are mainly not just any influencers with millions of followers. But people who want to know what is really good and also works.
We want to show people who do fitness and sports whether young or old that they may not be able to turn back the clock and maybe at least stop. We are currently researching longevity and healing through peptides. Unfortunately, peptides are currently only allowed for research purposes, and thus the only variant they can only be used by injections or taken orally. Unfortunately, this variant is therefore not allowed. We recently launched our healing peptide BPC157 in the form of a patch. The feedback we have received so far is very positive and convincing. In our opinion, peptides are the future of humans. Peptide research is thus on the verge of a breakthrough to decipher immortality.

I have read a lot of books on the subject of David Sinclair or Dr. David Stickler. There are now so many studies that prove that they work. Each will be able to prevent almost half of age-related diseases and autoimmune diseases in the near future if the correct sequence and arrangement of peptides is used.

We will continue to invest in the vegan diet. To a certain extent, perhaps also for ethical reasons. But also from personal experiences, as I myself am of the opinion that humans are not made for dairy products. But I might report on this experience another time.