Exclusive interview with Ali Pourmohamad, one of the best Iranian directors and producers who has recently won several awards.

Ali Pourmohamad

We recently had an interview with Ali Pourmohamad and asked him about the characteristics of a successful director.

He says that directors have different behaviours in different situations so that one day they may be very serious and one day very calm, which shows that a good director controls his behaviour and does not upset his team members in difficult situations. Also, a good director with his behaviour should teach other people the discipline in the project, so that he does not fall behind the schedule and finish the project on time.

A good director does not put pressure on his people in difficult situations and tries to calm down the team so that everyone works to the highest quality. He added that when I was working as a director on a project, one of my friends died, and I was very upset, but I had to show myself in front of other people so that others could continue to work with quality. That project won various awards, but I told others about my frustration and problems after the project was over, because I didn't want my frustration to harm the quality of others' work.

The last feature he mentioned is that a successful director always raises his knowledge about his profession and work. In such a way that a successful director seeks to find different and new techniques every day and searches for various scientific articles and sources to get acquainted with new techniques and use them in his films, which these new techniques cause they get creative. Without creativity, the director makes similar films that are not valuable to the audience, and he gradually loses his credibility among the people.

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