Exclusive: English footballer Paranveer Singh dreams of playing for India national team

Singh has set his sights on breaking his way into the India's national team.

Paranveer Singh
Paranveer Singh explained the tensions he faced in India Facebook/ParanveerSinghOfficial

British-born footballer of Indian origin Paranveer Singh has set his mind on playing for India's national team. With a clutch of English club football experience backing him up, Singh has come to India in pursuit of his dream, leaving behind his life in London.

The 23-year-old footballer has had spells with several English clubs, which includes the likes of West Ham United, Watford FC and Leyton Orient. The versatile footballer, who developed from a midfielder to a striker, has his ambition of making it to the India's national team.

Having adjusted to the English coaching techniques and the weather, Singh knew that the setup in India will be different compared with that in England. However, he is in no mood to give up and told International Business Times Singapore that he is ready to overcome the challenges to deliver in India.

"I knew coming to India this would be the biggest challenge that I was going to ever take on, Leaving home in London, leaving my family, friends and my life in London to relocate in India is a huge challenge," Singh told International Business Times Singapore.

"There are so many differences and factors for example the weather, conditions, people, structure of football. I, personally have found it extremely because I am experiencing a lot of new things, but I am an individual who has always welcomed challenges and being motivated to overcome challenges no matter what they are.

"The conditions and weather is a huge change to me which I am slowly adapting to which I knew about, I have struggled a bit, but it was bound to take time, playing in the heat is a huge difference what I'm used to playing in the cold weather including when it snows!

"The methods of training are also a lot different from what I have experienced previously, but then again that is just the football culture varying in different countries and clubs adopting different methods which they feel is best to suit their club.

While explaining the challenges and difficulties he faced during his time in India, Singh admitted to receiving a hard treatment from several members, including the players at the club. However, he stressed that it is best to leave these behind him in order to avoid any tension.

"Again, there are also many challenges off the pitch for example the organisation and structures of football in India. I have to say there are many, but I must be careful in what I do say, I am not here to cause any controversy or have any tension with anybody. I am here to play and I will focus on that, no matter how hard it is," the 23-year-old explained.

"I have at times experienced a bit of a hard treatment from a few players and some individuals at the club, but again, I am here to play and I look forward to what the future holds to me, I don't think some people understand what I have done to actually been here and have not stuck to their word which initially got me out here.

"It is what it is, I am experienced in football too, If you're not able to deliver what you said, don't deliver in the first place. I may look different, sound different and maybe act different which might be a reason for some treatment that I get, but that is football. We all have our own stories, backgrounds, upbringing."