Exclusive: CumRocket Remains Stable Despite Crypto Market Dropping to Extreme Levels, Says CEO Lydia

CumRocket cryptocurrency, trading as CUMMIES in the market, gained attention of investors after influencers on social media predicted it to be the 'next big thing'. The coin gained steam after Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted about it with just an emoji of 'cum and rocket' along with an emoji of sending it 'to the moon.'

The coin, within minutes, shot up nearly 400% on June 5, 2021 post Musk's tweet from $0.06 to $0.28 and remained stable in its 24 hours of trading, signaling that its rise is just the beginning and would reward investors with fistful of dollars in the coming years.

CumRocket CUMMIES Cryptocurrency

The International Business Times spoke to CumRocket CEO Lydia Lane and CFO Chris Gagnon for an exclusive interview talking about the coin's future and how it plans to move ahead in the competitive crypto market and its race to cross the $1 milestone.

Lydia, CEO, revealed CUMMIES has huge potential. It aims to disrupt the adult entertainment industry as well as empower creators by giving them the opportunity to earn more for their content.

CumRocket CUMMIES Cryptocurrency CEO Lydia Lane

Elon Musk's Influence On CumRocket

When asked if Elon Musk's influence on CumRocket could break the cryptocurrency, just like it did to Bitcoin and Dogecoin, Lydia stated that Musk's tweets don't make or break the coin in the indices but is a proof that the crypto is now a disruptive force in the market that should not be ignored.

''Elon's tweets seeming to reference us don't make or break anything, but they are excellent social proof validating what we already firmly believe: the disruptive potential of bridging adult entertainment with the blockchain, and that our branding is even more delightfully memetic than we could have hoped,'' she said.

Elon Musk
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CFO Chris Gagnon stood proud of the fact that CumRocket, which was launched in April 2021, reached the market cap of $400 million at peak in just a span of three months since inception and gathered mainstream recognition.

''We're effectively still operating in a pre-release startup stage, but in less than 3 months since inception we've reached a 9 digit market capitalization and mainstream recognition, and we expect to continue hitting our roadmap goals toward building out a full featured adult entertainment ecosystem facilitated with blockchain technology as we move forward,'' he said.

Chris highlighted CumRocket's features saying it's never-seen-before in the crypto world and bridges the gap between the financial market and adult entertainment.

''We're the first to be introducing an exclusive NSFW NFT Marketplace and Platform with subscriptions, tipping, and crypto asset transaction, with a growing ecosystem of content creators and future products planned,'' he said.