Ex-Wonder Girls' Sunye, husband James Park reveal their love story

Sunye (Instagram) Sunye/ Instagram

Former Wonder Girls' leader Sunye and husband James Park amazed their fans by opening up about their love story, married life and how they met while doing a volunteer work.

The two appeared on the TV show 'Stranger' and revealed how they met while doing volunteer work in Haiti.

Sunye surprised fans when JYP Entertainment announced in November 2012 that she was tying the knot with Park. The wedding took place on January 26, 2013, and she officially left the Wonder Girls in 2015.

She said she got five days of vacation and decided to volunteer in Haiti, which was destroyed by an earthquake in 2010.

"Since I was young, I naturally really liked the path of being a singer and eventually worked to be one. But after realizing that goal, I thought 'what's next?' at the same time. I started to question my life's goal. While I was going through all this at that time, I heard much about Haiti from an unnie who frequently volunteered there and made me want to go there," Sunye said on the TV show.

Sunye said while she was in Haiti, "it was a different kind of happiness compared to performing on a stage. I met my husband there too... Haiti is an unforgettable place."

For his part, Park said, "At the time [in Haiti], I heard Wonder Girls' Sunye was coming but the only thing I knew about her was that she was famous. What I knew at the time was that celebrities would arrive at the disaster scene just to take a photo and then quickly leave, I thought they came just to create a positive image for themselves."

"But when Sunye arrived, she immediately told me she doesn't need any VIP treatment and to treat her the same as anyone else," he added.

Park revealed the moment when he was madly in love with Sunye and wanted to marry her.

"There was a moment when my heart melted. There was a cholera clinic and it's a very dangerous place. Sunye suddenly disappeared so I went looking for her and eventually found her in the patient room. The cholera clinic ward is really not a joke," he explained.

He said the clinic was "dirty and smelled really bad and could potentially be contaminated, and yet Sunye was there. She was helping patients clean up themselves and giving them hugs whilst crying. At the time, I was really shocked because something like that isn't easy to do. She sang for the kids who were distressed and struggling with treatments. That's when I was certain, I need to marry this girl."