Ex-police NSman faces probation for violating Official Secrets Act and sending obscene videos

Mentally ill man sent to jail
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A 21-year-old police full-time national serviceman (NSman) accessed a computer at the operations room of the Special Operations Command (SOC) and took a photo of the screen that he sent to a colleague. But, on Monday, he was sentenced to probation for a year and three months.

The image contained some confidential information about the daily police operations and later, as per the report, it was sent to a drug abuser, who messaged his friends stating that "Stop everything tonite (sic) full ops."

The ex-NSman, Muhammad Alif Muhammad Jamil completed his NS and is now a student. He also ran a blog, which is a platform where the netizens can submit their obscene videos, which he allegedly upload online.

Last year in October, the former police special constable corporal pleaded guilty to an offence under the Official Secrets Act (OSA) and five counts of transmitting obscene videos. During his probation, he must also perform 150 hours of community service. To ensure his good behaviour, his mother was bonded for $5,000.

The judge came to know that on April 17, 2016, a man, 26, forwarded an obscene video of his former girlfriend to the accused and asked Alif to make the footage viral online. After the former NSman uploaded it on its blog, three days later the woman came to know and confronted her boyfriend.

Later, the boyfriend of the woman told Alif to delete the video but, the unnamed woman filed a police complaint after the ex-NSman complied on April 21, 2016.

During hearing Lee Zu Zhao, Deputy Public Prosecutor told the court that the investigators also found that Alif had transmitted four more obscene videos that other people sent to him.

The judge also heard that the accused was also working as an operator at the SOC on October 4, 2016, when another 21-year-old officer, Muhd Firdaus Abdullah sent him a text message, asking him to check police operations. Then the accused took the picture of the screen, before forwarding the information to Firdaus, who was then working as a sentry at the SOC. Later, Firdaus forwarded the picture to his sister's boyfriend, who in turn, sent it to the drug abuser.

However, if convicted the OSA can be jailed for up to two years and fined up to $2,000.

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