Ex-Miss Korea Sung Hyun Ah acquitted of prostitution charges after 6 years

Sung Hyun Ah was placed third in the 1994 Miss Korea Pageant.

South Korean actress Sung Hyun Ah has finally come clean in the prostitution case slapped on her six years ago. The 41-year-old was accused of being involved in a sexual relationship with a businessman in return for money.

On June 10, the Suwon District Court lifted up all the charges and fine on the actress and ruled that Hyu Ah is innocent. "According to the laws of throwing out charges by the Supreme Court, we find the defendant innocent," the court stated.

In 2014 trial of the case, the former Miss Korea was found guilty and slapped a fine of 2 million Won. However, the actress appealed to the Supreme court claiming unjust ruling, and requested a formal trial.

While Hyun Ah was not present on the final verdict day, her attorney elaborated the whole adjudication. He said: "Ms. Sung was introduced to the man, 'A', claimed to be involved in the prostitution case, as a possible suitor for remarriage, but she realized that he no intention to marry, so they broke up. This is the truth and that is how another Supreme Court has decided on her innocence."

The advocate further added: "Ms. Sung had met 'A' through another person who had also introduced her to her current husband whom she married, but because of 'A's history of meeting female celebrities for fun, Ms. Sung had been swept away by something like this."

"After Ms. Sung's first trial, she had felt wronged by so many things for a long time. She's been declared innocent now, but she's getting stung by attention still just because she's been in trial; please refrain so that Ms. Sung can recover from defamation and make a recovery in society," the lawyer told Nate.

Sung Hyun Ah was placed third in the 1994 Miss Korea Pageant, and represented the country in Miss International pageant. She started her career as an actress with TV drama, Salut D' Amour, and went ahead to do dozen of television series and films.