Ex-Marine wanted for sharing child pornography in Riverside

The target of the riverside warrant was on active duty stationed in the Camp till a few months ago

The Riverside police department is searching for a discharged Marine who was stationed in the Camp Pendleton. The ex-Marine was caught sharing child pornographic material online via social media and other sources. The ongoing investigation caught five men who were spreading pornographic material with young children being exploited on the internet. The investigators received a tip about the men a while ago.

The authorities are still searching for the 24-year-old male suspect, Eric Stiegelmeyer, who is said to be the sixth suspect who was being investigated. As soon as he was discharged Stieglmeyer dropped out of sight. There has been no trace of him whatsoever. The Escondido police suspects him of conducting the same type of activity before.

Riverside Police Department, California
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Ex-Marine's discharge from Camp Pendleton was not notified to the authorities

The target of the riverside warrant was on active duty stationed in the Camp. In order to identify the suspect, the detectives worked with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service and Escondido police. Before a federal arrest warrant was obtained the suspect was discharged by the Corps without any notification to the investigators. The Corps were aware of the ongoing investigation being conducted on Stiegelmeyer.

Riverside police spokesman Ryan Railsback said that the police were not aware of the release dates initially but they came to know the discharge date was within the investigation's time period. Presently there is no identification detail about Stiegelmeyer that is available. His details including where he is from is unknown.

The men who were arrested before Stiegelmeyer is accused of doing similar activities, which included sending illicit content via social media largely on the internet.

"Riverside Police Internet Crimes Against Children Unit detectives have received extensive training related to child exploitation investigations, and have put that training to good use to help ensure children are protected from these types of predators," Sgt Rick Wheeler said in a statement to the local media.