Dr Bill Kirby, former mayor of Northern California City who recently stepped down as mayor of Auburn, died in a plane crash on Saturday. Kirby was piloting the plane as it crashed near Auburn Municipal Airport at around 10:30 AM local time.

According to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, another passenger in the plane suffered from minor injuries and was taken to the hospital. Kirby, 72 was a licensed pilot since 2009. Political consultant Jeff Raimundo confirmed the news with a Facebook post carrying statement from Kirby's family.

"Our family is devastated by this tragic news. Bill devoted decades of enthusiastic and loving support to his family, his patients and the Auburn community he loved so much. We will miss him immensely but take comfort in knowing he died while flying – one of the other loves of his life," the statement read.

Bill Kirby faced criticism for comparing Trump supporters with KKK

Dr Bill Kirby
Dr Bill Kirby facebook/William kirby, mayor of Auburn California fan club

Bill Kirby was in news recently for stepping down as Mayor of Auburn after comparing President Donald Trump with Hitler and his supporters with Ku Klux Klan, the American white supremacist hate group. He commented in one of the posts on Facebook by saying that the world would be a better place today if Hitler and his supporters are removed from the face of the earth. The same is true with Trump and his supporters today. He also faced criticism for posting a meme on William Kirby, Mayor of Auburn Fan Club.

According to CBS Sacramento, Bill Kirby responded to the criticism by saying he wants to share where his frustration that he posts on social media comes from. "As a doctor, I see nurses, respiratory therapists, other medical staff, first responders and my medical colleagues as well as their patients dying unnecessarily because of the lack of preparation for the coronavirus, The President has put us all at risk."