Evo Japan 2019
Evo Japan 2019 YouTube grab

In Evo Japan 2019, many fighting game tournaments have crowned their champions as the world's best. Other than closing out their Grand Final matches with a bang, game developers have also announced some updates about new content coming to their games. Here's what we know so far.

"Mortal Kombat 11": Jade Reveal

Around the dates of Evo Japan 2019, NetherRealms Studios revealed one of the upcoming characters in "Mortal Kombat 11," Jade. In "Mortal Kombat's" story, Jade is a loyal ally to Kitana, which technically makes her one of the good guys. Fans know her as the female ninja character that uses a long metal bo staff to fight, in contrast to Kitana's metal war fans and Mileena's dual sais. However, the character has been reanimated as one of the bad guys in "Mortal Kombat 11." Jade will apparently be one of Quan Chi's servants, which mean she would be villain in this entry.

Nevertheless, many "Mortal Kombat" players would like to see her fight again as she was absent in "Mortal Kombat X." Her character trailer shows her new moves with her metal staff and an ability to be unaffected by incoming enemy projectiles. So far, her confirmed fighting style variations are "Green Monster," "It Ain't Easy," and "With Envy," but players would be able to customize her moveset upon the game's release.

"Tekken 7": Julia and Negan DLC arriving on Feb. 28

A new trailer for "Tekken 7" was also revealed during the Evo Japan 2019 event. The new trailer featured returning "Tekken" character, Julia Chang, and Negan, a new guest character from AMC's "The Walking Dead" TV Series. In contrast to her mature image and attire in the previous "Tekken" entries, Julia Chang returns dressed like a trendy young woman and adopts a "streamer girl" persona in battle.

While she adopts a new image in her style, the trailer showed that she still has some of her old moves, which could entice players who have been looking for her in the previous seasons.

Meanwhile, Negan fights with his barbed baseball bat, Lucille, with a dominant swagger against his foes. While the trailer has yet to reveal how he fully works in matches, his fighting style seem to be full of harsh baseball swings and attack patterns similar to the Spaniard character, Miguel.

"Dead Or Alive 6": Mai Shiranui and mystery character confirmed as DLC

Aside from the interrupted promotion of the "Dead Or Alive 6" show in Evo Japan 2019, it was revealed that new characters are also coming to Koei Tecmo's upcoming fighting game. SNK's "King of Fighters'" Mai Shiranui has been confirmed for this entry, and a mystery character is also coming as a DLC to the game. Shiranui was previously a guest character in the "Dead Or Alive 5" Last Round entry, which makes her appearance a surprise as no fighting game series has included the same guest character in consecutive entries.

Meanwhile, the mystery character is confirmed to also be from the "King of Fighters" series, and many fans have speculated the next one to be a male character.

"Soul Calibur 6": Amy DLC

Additionally, Bandai Namco's "Soul Calibur 6" is also getting Amy, a returning character, for its new DLC. Her story is connected to Raphael, and she fights with a fencing fighting style mixed with ballet-like movement and roses. Most of her story in the "Soul Calibur" series was shrouded in mystery as she barely has any further story advancement and doesn't have any interest in obtaining the titular Soul Calibur weapon or its counterpart, the Soul Edge.

"BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle": Naoto Kurogane, Teddie, Seth, and Heart confirmed as Summer 2019 DLC, Sixth Fate Incoming

After the Grand Finals of "BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle," producer Toshimichi Mori showed a trailer featuring the next set of characters after its Season 1 players. So far, "Blazblue's" brawler character Naoto Kurogane, "Persona 4 Arena Ulimate's" gimmick item character Teddie, "Under Night In-Birth's" speedy assassin Seth, and the Fifth fate character Heart from "Arcana Heart" have been confirmed as this game's DLC characters to arrive at an unspecified date this summer. Aside from the DLC announcement, the Sixth Fate has been confirmed, which means another franchise or series will crossover with this massive fighting game.

"Million Arthur Arcana Blood" and "SNK Heroines" confirmed for Steam release

Aside from new DLC characters, announcements were also made that Examu's "Million Arthur Arcana Blood" and the "SNK Heroines" will come to PC on Steam. While "SNK Heroines" is already expected to arrive on Feb. 21, "Million Arthur Arcana Blood" is slated for a summer 2019 release.

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