Everything You Need to Know About KunciCoin, the New face in Crypto Trading


KunciCoin is the new token revolutionizing the crypto space. It's a unique innovation that offers a flexible platform supporting crypto applications with real-life utilities, such as crypto-mining, in-game transactions for AAA Metaverse, and NFT games built by KunciGames.com. KUNCI will also offer investors an NFT (non-fungible token) marketplace to display and trade NFTs, a stacking platform providing rewards in the form of KunciCoins, and an Indonesian government-licensed crypto exchange platform for the transaction and trading of crypto assets.

KunciCoin was developed by Joko Crypto, a crypto miner, educator, motivator, and crypto enthusiast. Joko is a masked mysterious crypto hero from Indonesia who came from humble beginnings as a skilled laborer. Joko worked his way up and bought himself a mining rig from his daily allowance of $10/day. He learned to fix and maintain a mining rig and then gained several whale clients, which helped him develop a $10 million business several years later. Joko then went all in 2017, and in 2021 after holding ETH since 2015, he managed to cash out half of his wealth at $150 million.

Unlike other meme tokens and crypto companies in general, KunciCoin has hit the market with a unique and innovative approach to get everyone on board. Their focus is heavily on utilities rather than massive marketing efforts. To them, marketing is still important, but without real-life use cases, the token means nothing. This has been the primary reason for their exponential growth, including a triple-A MMORPG Metaverse NFT game alongside utilities in a licensed payment gateway, a government-licensed crypto exchange, and 52 hotels and resorts worldwide.

"The token that we just released did an impressive 90x since presale price and consistently hit DEXtool trending and CMC top gainer list," Joko explains. "We grew to 10,000 holders within days, and transaction volume is 5–8Million daily, hitting ATH day after day."

But with cryptocurrency being a relatively new concept to a significant majority, KunciCoin has also faced several challenges and setbacks that have altered its growth trajectory. Being a blockchain anchored company worldwide, they have had to constantly fight central government regulations. Also, most of their business struggles emanated from the hassle of hiring the best engineers, especially blockchain and gaming talent. Luckily, the team's solution is to work side by side with the Indonesian government to solve regulation issues and talent acquisition problems.

"Always work with the government to solve industry problems, and always look beyond the Indonesian market. Build a strong community backed by solid real-world use cases," Joko explains.

Following Solana's footsteps, KunciCoins sees itself expanding to become an industry leader with a market cap that can list them as one of the top 20 cryptocurrencies in CoinMarketCap.com. This includes being listed on Binance, Kucoin, Huobi, and all top exchanges, with a tens of billions of USD market cap. Part of the objectives is to have their games hit millions of active paying users, with the crypto exchange ranking top in CMC and Coingecko, and have their hotels and resort utilities running perfectly. This will be a significant milestone for the young company that aspires to soar in the sector.