Everybody Dies: Maskless Woman Coughs on Passengers as She Is Booted From Flight [VIDEO]

The woman can be heard yelling at the flight attendant, 'Every f***king body dies, whether it's corona or not! Everybody dies!'

A maskless irate passenger went berserk after being asked to get off the plane and began spitting on fellow airline passengers and screaming "everybody dies" during a flight between Ireland and Scotland. A shocking video shot by another passenger shows the woman losing her cool when a flight attendant approaches her to escort her from the plane.

EasyJet later gave a confirmation that the police attended the flight EZY481, which was traveling from Belfast to Edinburgh on Sunday because of a passenger behaving disruptively on board and was not agreeing to wear the face mask. This isn't an isolated incident. Airlines have been time and again facing problems with irate passengers who refuse to comply with the safety guidelines set by carriers to check the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Insensitive Behavior

The video shot by one of the passengers shows the woman flyer losing her cool after one of the flight attendants approaches her to escort her out of the plane. As she is given a final warning to leave the plane, the agitated passenger can be seen pacing up and down the plane aisle and repeatedly stating, "Everybody dies, you know that?!", the woman yells at the flight attendant. "Every f***king body dies, whether it's corona or not! Everybody dies!".

However, the problem started before that. The woman had reportedly asked for a row to herself before the incident, according to another passenger on board the same flight. "The EasyJet staff was really good at handling it," the man said. "They accommodated her when she asked for a row of seats to herself, then they politely asked her to wear a mask. She just started shouting." Initially, a few passengers also intervened and tried to pacify the woman but she was in no mood to listen. One passenger told the irate woman to "get a life" and "wise up."

"I hope you f***ing die," she continued with her rant before the plane took off. The woman, who is Scottish, was ultimately escorted off the plane by several flight attendants after she refused to wear a mask on board. She was then arrested by airport police in Belfast.

Nothing New

Passenger Coughing
Screenshot shoot of the irate passenger coughing on others Twitter

Belfast International Airport also issued a statement, confirming that the woman was removed from the flight. Airlines have been facing a daunting job managing unruly passengers who either don't wear masks or comply with the other safety guideline introduced in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

This has often seen airlines forcibly taking irate passengers off the plane lately. EasyJet issued a statement regarding the incident on Monday saying: "EasyJet can confirm that police attended flight EZY481 from Belfast to Edinburgh on 18th October due to a passenger behaving disruptively on board and refusing to wear their face covering. In line with EASA guidelines, all passengers are currently required to bring their own face covering for their flight which must be worn during boarding and onboard, except when eating or drinking."

Several viral videos and photos have been created in recent months as air travel has resumed around the world while coronavirus continues to spread. Several airlines have announced widespread bans of customers who have refused to follow new mask policies.