"Everybody Deserves A Chance To Prove Themselves" — Jeremiah Evans

Jeremiah Evans

Everybody is born with some special ability; something that is most times unique to them. And at some point in their lives, they would need to prove the usefulness of this ability to the world in order to gain relevance. And Jeremiah Evans, popularly nicknamed as "The Bull", believes that all human beings deserve that chance to prove themselves.

The twenty-five year old businessman, born in the mountainous state of Utah, always had a code that has driven his life to the point where it is at the moment which is 'to be great or be nothing at all.'

"I refused to live a life settling for average results. I chose my career so I could become someone who would have real influence in this world," recalls the business coach.

Jeremiah himself wasn't always the millionaire he is today. He started life off as a football player and later decided to be bigger. Apparently, money was not even the drive. His goal was to create a life of influence for himself. Hence, he started Alpha Influence — a multimillion dollar worth investment firm which he is running at the moment.

"Alpha Influence is an investment firm that uses a unique strategy to build wealth that unlocks the secrets of millionaires and billionaires. I go above and beyond for everyone who becomes a part of Alpha Influence because everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves," explains Jeremiah.

This orientation of his is definitely something the world needs in order to get the best out of people. As is very visible in Jeremiah's story, every person can be so much more. All one needs is a little push, an incredible dream, a willing spirit, and belief in one's self.