EverGrow Achieved Another Milestone, Distributes More Than $5,00,000 BUSD in Rewards to all its Holders


One of the recently launched leading DeFi projects, "EverGrow," with the world's first stable earning offering in BUSD, announced that its native token $EGC had been added to CoinGecko. With this addition, investors can now monitor their favorite $EGC on PanCakeSwap and CoinGecko, the two of the most reliable and well-established information sources in the crypto world. The token has already achieved a landmark milestone by distributing more than $5,00,000 BUSD in Rewards to all its holders.

Benefits of Listing on CoinGecko

⦁ The entire crypto community can now see EverGrow for what it is.
⦁ Users can now easily compare EverGrow's current price with other currencies.
⦁ Live to monitor the current trading volume of $EGC.
⦁ Increased transparency in the market performance of EverGrow.
⦁ Trend analysis based on historical data.

About EverGrow

EverGrow is a new but fastly growing hyper-deflationary yield generation token that has adopted the unique idea of rewarding its investors in USD Tokens just by holding its native coin $EGC. Since the day of its launch, which itself was a historical event, shattered all the records by reaching its hard cap of 450 BnB within less than seven minutes of its opening, EverGrow is enjoying huge attention and community support from the crypto investors.

Providing investors a whopping 8% interest of the traded volume every hour, EverGrow has not limited itself only to cryptocurrency. It allows investors to earn in unique and entertaining ways by including a wide range of engaging NFT based services.

On its BSC-based NFT marketplace, NFT owners may borrow at low-interest rates by using their NFTs as collateral. Users can design their own NFTs using pictures, videos, and other digital content accessible on the market. Using its subscription service for adult material, Token holders will tip content producers with their tokens by purchasing adult content from them. EverGrow's stacking pools acquire their related tokens and transfer part of their liquidity using their unique smart contracts collection. The tokens bought are subsequently divided among the pool's members.

Playing games and winning attractive rewards is an important addition. The EverGrow platform offers BSC-based online games in which players must mix and match various combinations of the game's "Heroes," each with their unique set of abilities and restrictions. Aside from enabling players to show off their skills in the game, the site also provides daily login incentives and the opportunity to earn NFTs while playing. EverGrow integrates other platforms with gaming to allow gamers to utilize the value of their in-game assets.

EverGrow's Ecosystem promotes the direct usage of $EGC. It has the world's first NFT lending and loan platform, which will enhance liquidity availability in the NFT and DeFi industries. It will allow NFT owners to borrow money against the value of their NFTs by using them as collateral. They promise to provide Fair Interest Rates, enabling holders to get funds without selling their NFTs.

The project also contains a self-sustaining decentralized application platform that will bring about a real revolution in the crypto industry and establish a new standard for DeFi security. It is a swap exchange with a simple user interface that allows users to view their BUSD reflections. It also offers a one-of-a-kind Stacking Pool to ensure token life and favorable token trading.

EverGrowCoin is anticipated to outperform many of the market's existing cryptocurrencies due to the combined efforts of all of its members and a strategic advantage with its unique business plan.

Website: https://evergrowcoin.com/