Ever heard of Slapping Championship? Defending champion goes into mini-coma after title fight [Watch]

In one of the weirdest contests, a slapping match was held where a Russian competitor was knocked out by the challenger.

Three days ago, the world witnessed two leading boxers – Anthnoy Joshua and Andy Ruiz Jr – face off for the World Heavyweight Title in their sport. But do you know that there is something called a Russian Slapping Championship where competitors don't throw punches at each other but slaps.

The first edition of this bizarre event of an even more bizarre sport was held earlier this year, a man called Vasiliy Khamotskiy, nicknamed the 'Dumpling', was crowned the champion. The video of that tournament is available on YouTube.

But the Dumpling got a lot more than he can chew, or, one can say, his cheeks can stand after he took on another 'slapper' in a fight for £350. According to The Sun, Khamotskiy is a farmer from Siberia. In the original contest, his slaps proved too hard for his opponents to withstand as he was crowned the champion.

But in his latest contest, he met more than his match. In the video of the contest, Khamotskiy could be seen getting the first shot and delivering a thunderous slap to his opponent. Unfortunately, the slap seems to have had no impact on his opponent as he remains firmly on his feet.

Vasiliy Khamotskiy
Vasiliy Khamotskiy (in red shirt) gets slapped by his opponent Twitter screengrab

The return slap, however, knocks out the Russian farmer as he is helped on to his feet by people standing around. However, the 'slap' that caused this effect has come in for questioning. Many people said that it wasn't so much a slap as a punch and it should be declared illegal.

The Dumpling himself said the blow wasn't technically a slap and even claimed that he went easy on his opponent.

"It was a good hook, I liked it. I was put to sleep for a little bit. I could have carried on but they grabbed me and wanted to get me out of there. I hit him at about 25 percent and he hit me with a hook and I was f***ed. I hit him at about 25 percent and he hit me with a hook and I was f***ed," the dethroned champion explained.