Even celebs are obsessed with Tiktok's new 'Flip the Switch' challenge; Here's how you do it

Netizens have been sharing some interesting and creative Flip the Switch challenge videos on social media

The viral challenges on the popular social media platform TikTok often hit the headlines for being dangerous and life-threatening stunts. After the risky Skull Breaker, Cha Cha Slide, Salt, and Penny challenge, among others, another hashtag has started gaining the attention of netizens. However, a safer one this time.

What is the Flip the Switch challenge?

The latest one that is doing the rounds on social media is the 'Flip the Switch' challenge. The popular 2018 Drake song Nonstop, which featured the lyric "I just flipped the switch" is being heard playing in the background in all the recent videos. It has already become a favourite of the TikTok users, who have been posting hilarious and creative videos with the hashtag #fliptheswitch.

How to do it?

Two or more participants need to dance in front of a mirror. When the lyrics call for the switch, the light goes off. Once the light comes back, the people will swap the positions as well as their clothes.

Celebrities are also addicted to this challenge

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez perform the viral TikTok challenge 'Flip the Switch'
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez perform the viral TikTok challenge 'Flip the Switch' Twitter

A few celebrities have also taken part in the viral challenge. A video featuring American actress-singer Jennifer Lopez and her partner Alex Rodriguez, a former professional baseball player, performing the challenge has already gone viral on social media

Recently, Massachusetts Senator and former US presidential candidate, Elizabeth Warren, and Kate McKinnon, who often impersonates the former, also performed the challenge together wearing similar outfits on the recent episode of Saturday Night Live.

Check out some viral flip the switch challenge videos on social media:

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