Evelyn Yang, wife of Presidential candidate Andrew, opens up about being a victim of sexual abuse

Evelyn is a private person and came out to talk about the struggle after a very long time

An interview by a popular media outlet revealed the struggle that Evelyn Yang went through as a soon-to-be mother when she was assaulted by Robert A Hadden, a gynaecologist in Manhattan. The Democratic Presidential candidate's wife revealed herself as one of the women who came forward to accuse Hadden of assault. With lowest possible charges filed against him and medical licenses stripped off, he still roams in New York as a free man and not as a man who committed a crime.

In the heart touching interview, she said that she gained the strength to talk about the incident after she read several letters supporting them. Many women had talked about the abuse that they endured while being Hadden's patient. He had taken advantage of the vulnerable stage that the women were in while assaulting them.

Evelyn one of the 19 victims

Evelyn Yang and Andrew Yang
Evelyn Yang and Andrew Yang Twitter/Andrew Yang

Evelyn was seven months pregnant when the final straw was drawn. The assault began with inappropriate questions, which led to Yang feeling uncomfortable in the situation. She said during her interview that she was feeling disconnected to bringing forward the link between why she was asked these questions. She recollects to CNN during her interview that she felt that he was perverted.

"There was absolutely no premise for that line of questioning, and it seemed like he just wanted to hear about me talking about sex," she told the outlet.

Evelyn was overwhelmed and kept repeating to herself 'OK, so my doctor is pervy. I have a pervy doctor, but I'm going to focus on having a healthy baby'. The examinations started to become longer and frequent. Later she learned that they were unnecessary most of the time. She kept telling herself that she needed to trust him.

Hadden was one of the top doctors in Manhattan then. She would have trusted him blindly, and he was manipulating his power over these vulnerable women. During her seventh month, she was dressed and ready to go after an examination when Hadden examined her forcibly. He examined her claiming that he felt she needed a C-section. Violated and scared Yang left his office to never return again.

Months later she received a letter saying that he had left his practice which led her to search for his name on the internet. A woman had filed a complaint against him after he assaulted her. The months-long case revealed that he had assaulted several women. Evelyn on knowing that a woman had come forward, decided to tell her husband of the incident.

Yang felt that he did not see it when she expressed it before

Andrew Yang
Democratic Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Wikimedia Commons

As Evelyn sat describing the incident, Andrew knew he had seen the signs as he wept. He remembers her walking into the house talking about why there are male gynaecologists. Evelyn fought with the other 18 women, but Hadden received the lowest possible punishments and no jail time for his actions.

Even as she sat down for her interview she reveals that she hadn't talked about the incident to anyone, including close family members. She had fought to keep herself anonymous during the legal battle against Hadden because she was a private person and she didn't want her close family to know about her struggle. Today, she realizes that she has the voice with which can be used to inform the public about the incident.

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