Eva Mendes 'Threatened' as Emma Stone 'determined' to win Ryan Gosling? All humbug

Eva Mendes is completely relaxed with the relationship between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes
Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have two daughters Esmeralda and Amada. Pinterest

After the success of their recent romantic musical movie 'La La Land', the rumours of an 'affair' between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone made the rounds. The rumours of the two lead actors of the movie engaged in a romantic relationship buzzed on the internet despite denials.

The tabloids went on to report that Emma Stone was making big efforts to prove Ryan's partner Eva Mendes that she and Ryan are just friends. It was even reported by OK! that Eva Mendes was "very threatened" by the speculated romantic relationship between her longtime partner and Emma Stone. One of the dubious insiders stated that Stone was well aware of the concerns and complexities surrounding Mendes and was "determined to win over" the American model.

The source also went on to explain that Emma asked Gosling to sooth the fellow actress' nerves by asking him to step in. "Emma doesn't want to put Ryan in an awkward spot, but what other choice does she have?" added the dubious source.

However, it was reported that all such rumours were false and unreliable. According to the investigation of GossipCop, who checked by confirming the news with a source close to the situation, all such rumours are nothing but the result of sensationalized reporting.

The source also assures that Mendes was not at all anxious by the great friendship between the two co-stars and was completely relaxed knowing very well about their entirely friendly relations.

The news of Mendes being angry with Gosling for he was promoting the movie with Emma Stone has also been negated. With the curtains raised over the rumours taking over the real news, it's now been clarified that Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone share an entirely professional and healthy relationship as good friends and costars and Eva Mendes is completely cool about that.

This article was first published on January 8, 2017