European coach and preeminent business expert Javid Niazi-Hoffmann shares the recipe to earn great fortunes

Javid Niazi-Hoffmann

They have both - each for themselves - become coaching millionaires. We are talking about business mentor Number #1 in Europe Javid Niazi-Hoffmann and his wife Palwasha.

They describe the 7-step strategy they used to achieve this in their book "Coaching Millionaire". With the motto: "Recommended for imitation", they share their step-by-step guide with ambitious coaches and experts who want to do the same - or at least get into the business of their dreams.

Because, according to Javid Niazi-Hoffmann, "not every trainer, coach or expert wants to become a millionaire right away".

What does it look like now, the promising millionaire-maker strategy?

In the first step, every coach, consultant, trainer or expert can check whether a coaching business is the right business model for him. Advantages and disadvantages are shown and the potential of this branch is presented.

In the second step, the typical mistakes in thinking that prevent many from starting or expanding a coaching business are discussed. This includes methods to overcome your fears and doubts or the right entrepreneurial mindset.

The third step covers the issue of positioning. How do you develop a unique and specific offer that inspires exactly the right customers and makes the individual experts stand out from the crowd?

The fourth step shows exactly how a premium coaching program is set up and how it is implemented.

The fifth step deals with concrete strategies to win new customers for your business. It also reveals which important universal marketing laws you have to follow to be successful quickly.

The sixth step is about selling. Javid and Palwasha Niazi-Hoffmann present a new way of selling, in which a coach or consultant wins more customers than ever before without pressure, completely authentically and morally correct.

Finally, in the seventh step of the book, it is shown which path you should take as a successful coach, expert or mentor if you are looking for a shortcut and want to reach your goal quickly and easily.

And the best thing about it: all this knowledge has not only made Javid and Palwasha Niazi-Hoffmann coaching millionaires, but also 22 of their clients. Their step-by-step instructions work. This is proven not only by the 22 coaching millionaires but also by more than 1,128 successful coaching and consulting companies that have come into being under the care of Javid and Palwasha Niazi-Hoffmann.

Well then: Good luck everyone!

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