Seo Eunkwang
Seo Eunkwang asks fans to stop using the phrase "gives cancer" Instagram/btob_silver_light

South Korean singer Seo Eunkwang has shown his tender side. The 26-year-old main vocalist of the South Korean boy group BtoB, has asked his fans to avoid the phrase, "gave me cancer."

During a V app broadcast, Eunkwang asked his fans to realise the seriousness of the deadly disease. He said: "Please try to avoid the phrase 'it gives me cancer'. People say that all the time, but it's a really bad phrase."

He added: "So many people suffer from cancer. Let's think of those people and try to refrain ourselves from using it. We can use better terms. It's better to say things like 'It's frustrating', or 'It makes me angry'. We have to start using better terms to fix things bit by bit."

Meanwhile, Eunkwang had previously talked about his love life. Hs admitted that he never gets asked out on dates.

During an episode of Happy Together, he revealed whom he feels is the prettiest. He said: "Red Velvet's Seulgi."

Adding on, the singer confessed that he is single at the moment. He said: "After I became a singer I never had a girlfriend. I'm committing to my music. They say that after celebrities become celebrities, they get asked out, but that's never happened to me."