EU Summit: Cameron wins special status for UK, no 'ever closer union'

David Cameron says he will persuade British people to remain in the reformed European Union with "my heart and soul".

British Prime Minister David Cameron reached a deal with European Union on Friday that secures special status for UK within the union and a host of other privileges.

The rights he won at the historic summit, including an emergency seven-year brake on migrant benefits and an exemption from European integration, will help the prime minister lead the campaign for the country to stay in the union.

After reaching the landmark deal with the 28-natin bloc, Cameron said he will persuade the British people to remain in the reformed European Union with "my heart and soul".

"In the last hour, I have negotiated a deal to give the United Kingdom special status inside the European Union. This deal has delivered on the commitments I made at the start of this process. We have achieved a legally binding and irreversible deal decided on by all 28 leaders, strengthening Britain's special status in the EU," Cameron said.

He said UK is stronger, safer and better off inside a reformed European Union.

Cameron said Britain will be permanently out of "ever-closer union," and will never be pushed to become part of a "European super-state".

'Will never join euro'

"Britain will never join the euro and we've secured vital protections for our economy. I believe that this is enough for me to recommend that the UK stays in the European Union, having the best of both worlds."

Britain will hold a referendum in June on whether the country should remain in the bloc. "The British people will have to decide whether to stay in this reformed European Union, or to leave. I do believe the answers lie in a reformed European Union," the prime minister said.

Meanwhile, he still faces criticism from the conservative core of his own party and the euroskeptics who demand Britain's separation from the European Union.

The "Vote Leave" campaign dismissed the deal Cameron reached in Brussels saying it was hollow.

One of Cameron's closest ally, Justice Secretary Michael Gove, also said he will campaign for Brexit.