Ethan Crumbley Allegedly had Gun in Bag at Behavioral Meet with Teachers and Parents Hours Before Shooting

A prosecutor claimed that there's a strong possibility that Ethan Crumbley was carrying the gun in his bag during the behavioral meet with his parents and teachers before the shooting.

A school shooting in Michigan left 4 students dead and several others injured on Tuesday, November 30. A 15-year-old student, Ethan Crumbley was arrested in connection with the shooting. New pieces of evidence that have come to light ever since the incident suggest that Crumbley planned the shooting well in advance to cause maximum carnage. The suspect is being treated as an adult and has been charged with four counts of murder, terrorism, and other gun charges.

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard informed that teachers at Oxford High School had a meeting with Crumbley and his parents three hours before the shooting on Tuesday, to talk about his unruly behavior in the classroom. A prosecutor noted on Thursday, December 2 that there's a strong possibility that Crumbley was carrying the gun in his bag during the said meeting that he used to wreak havoc in the school a few hours later.

The school's alleged recklessness towards 'disturbing signs' shown by Ethan Crumbley was also questioned as reports of him posting pictures of a gun and an alleged countdown before proceeding with the shooting emerged. The reports, however, were unconfirmed.

Ethan Crumbley
Ethan Crumbley Oakland County Sheriff's Office

'Ethan Crumbley was carrying the gun in his bag during the meeting with his parents and teachers'

Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald said that there's a very strong possibility that Crumbley was carrying the 9mm Sig Sauer SP 2022 pistol during that Tuesday meeting with his parents and school officials a few hours before the shooting. McDonald pointed out that since the students didn't use lockers because of COVID, they had their backpacks, which Crumbley used to conceal the weapon.

'No discipline warranted'

McDonald also noted that the fact that Crumbley was sent back to class after the meet was unfortunate and simply tragic as concerns over his behavior were overlooked. "And we now know he had a weapon with him at that time," McDonald said. According to New York Post, the superintendent of Michigan's Oxford Community School, Tim Throne, in his first comments since the attack, also shed light on the meeting between Crumbley, his parents, and teachers prior to the shooting and alleged that 'no discipline was warranted' over the suspect. "There are no discipline records at the high school," he noted.

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard told CNN's 'New Day' that the decision to send Crumbley back to class post Tuesday's meeting despite a teacher spotting some concern raising behavior in the suspect will be investigated in terms of 'what they thought and why they thought that [sending Crumbley back to class] was the right step.'