Eric Weinberg, 'Scrubs' Co-Producer Arrested for Raping Several Women for Seven Years

Eric Weinberg, co-executive producer of hit shows like Scrubs and Californication was arrested on Friday on the charge of having raped several women for last seven years.

His arrest has opened Pandora's box as Weinberg's presence in the showbiz despite his criminal activities have raised many questions. Some of the questions being, "Did Weinberg ever sexually assault a woman at his workplace? If yes, was it hushed up" and "Why didn't these cases reported earlier?"

LAPD arrested Weinberg from his residence in the Los Feliz section of Los Angeles around noon on Friday. He has been charged with a number of sexual assaults committed in LA between 2012 and 2019. His bail has been set at $3.225 million.

Eric Weinberg

Weinberg Dubbed as a "Double Faced" Monster on Social Media

The social media followers have expressed shock over the news and have flooded various platforms with hate messages for Weinberg. Some of his fans are even cursing him for being a "double faced" monster who destroyed so many innocent lives and have demanded that he should not be granted bail.

According to a report published by New York Post this producer and writer targeted women between 20s and 30s. He would approach them in grocery stores, coffee shops and other public places disguised as a photographer and inviting them to his home for an alleged photo shoot. Once his easy preys reached his residence, he would sexually assault them, the report stated further.

Expressing his anger, a Twitter user stated, "I see Eric Weinberg who wrote for scrubs as a Co EP and who worked in a co EP role on the scriptwriters room with scrubs has been finally arrested as a shoot one of the most disgusting and vile scumbags that has ever worked in any scriptwriting role across the scriptwriting."

"Eric Weinberg arrested on rape charges; Held on $3.2M bail by LAPD. Talk about a serial rapist, this guy has apparently been picking up women, scamming & raping them since the 90s. He's worked on dozens of shows from Scrubs to Anger Management," wrote another user.

Conveying his disbelief, a user tweeted, "You can bet this guy said "Can't you take a joke?" to every female writer and assistant who crossed paths with him. And so did his enablers. Fuck this guy."