Eric Nam says MAMAMOO's Solar is becoming his 'ideal type'

Eric Nam has shared his true feelings about MAMAMOO's Solar.

Korean-American singer and television host Eric Nam is enjoying filming for South Korean reality show, We Got Married. The 27-year-old is seen opposite Solar, the main vocalist of South Korean girl group Mamamoo, in the series.

During a visit on MBC Radio's Park Kyung Lim's 2 O'Clock Date, Nam gushed about Solar. He said: "It's really wonderful. Yong Sun (Solar's real name) has so much talent and she's really an amazing friend. In the beginning, it was really awkward, but as time went on she took care of me. It feels like she is actually becoming my wife. She's becoming more like my ideal type."

However, during the initial days of the show, Nam wished Solar would gel up more with him. He said: "She would mix formal and informal speech, but when she spoke formally I thought, 'Do I make her feel uncomfortable?' So I asked her to speak informally in hopes that she would become more at ease around me. Right now it feels more comfortable."