Korean singer actor Eric Mun is thankful to his Shinhwa band members for watching his recently concluded romantic comedy drama.The 37-year-old actor, who debuted as singer in 1998, launched his acting career in 2004 with MBC's Phoenix.

Mun recently sat for an exclusive interview with Xport news, and shared what his boy band group thinks of him as an actor. On asked if Shinhwa members watch his drama episodes, Mun replied: "I was thankful that the [Shinhwa] members watched the drama so faithfully."

He further stated: "Minwoo always watches my dramas, but this time, even the other members watched the drama religiously. They talked about it a lot as well. When Dongwan sent a coffee cart, Junjin expressed his wish to do the same. But that was around the time we were so busy with filming that the director put a stopper to any kind of support. So even though Junjin wanted to [send something to set], he said he wasn't able to. But I was thankful nonetheless."

The actor also affirmed that his group also cheers him on social media. Adding on, Mun also opened up about his favorite scene from the drama, which came out to be his first kissing scene. He told Soompi: "It was a late one, and it was an intense point in the drama where a lot of pent up emotion was released at once, so I was really happy when I saw it in the script."

"When [the scene finally came around], I was worried because I thought it would be too difficult. Director Song Hyun Wook told us he wanted minimal cuts, and a dirty, no-holds-barred fight between a man and a woman, so Seo Hyun Jin and I made a couple of promises to each other beforehand, and we shot the scene in one take," the actor explained.