Nipsey Hussle Death: Community Advocate Eric Holder Found Guilty of Gunning Down Grammy-Nominated Rapper In 2019

A Los Angeles court has found Eric Holder guilty of murdering Grammy-nominated rapper Nipsey Hussle. The jury, after a deliberation of six hours, found Holder guilty of voluntary manslaughter. He killed the rapper and injured two other people on March 31, 2019, as he fired more than 10 shots outside the rapper's Marathon clothing store.

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Jurors Found Holder Guilty of Voluntary Manslaughter

Holder was initially charged with murder for shooting Lathan and Villanueva, but jurors found him guilty of a lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter. Lathan, who was standing across from Hussle, was shot in the back and was paralyzed from his injuries. Villanueva was grazed by a bullet and was not seriously injured, according to New York Post.

Holder's attorney claimed that the shooting didn't rise to the level of first-degree murder as he argued that the shooting took place in the heat of passion.

Holder's Attack Was Premeditated And Calculated

But prosecutors alleged that his attack was premeditated and calculated. There was "no doubt" Holder knew he'd kill Hussle, adding that Holder shot Hussle at least 10 times and kicked him in the head before running away, said John McKinney, Deputy District Attorney, according to CBS News.

"The streets he used to run as a young man became the life material that he used to become a voice of those same streets. While some people get successful, they make money, they leave their neighborhood, they change their address, this man was different," said McKinney.

McKinney also pointed out that Hussle wanted to change the neighborhood and he kept the same friends and the neighborhood loved him as they called him 'Neighborhood Nip'.

Hussle had an unshakeable belief in his own rap and business excellence that was often reflected in his outlandish expenditure. Apart from his business, he reportedly offered opportunities to local youth and made the upliftment of his community as a top priority. A barbershop, learning center for kids, fish store and cryptocurrency company are some of the ventures that he had left behind, apart from the clothing store.