Epstein 'Raped' Caroline Kaufman At New York Home When Prince Andrew Was Present At The Property, Claims Author

Prince Andrew has once again hogged the limelight for all wrong reasons as this time author Caroline Kaufman's lawyer has warned to serve him a legal notice if he fails to testify against pedophile financer Jeffery Epstein for allegedly raping her.

Kaufman, 28, has alleged that Prince Andrew was present in Epstein's home in New York when he raped her in 2010. The fact that Kaufman was just 17 years old at that time has added fuel to the fire, giving the detractors of Prince Andrew a chance to criticize him on various social media platforms.

Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew Should be Banned from Attending Public Events; Social Media Chatter

Social media followers have called upon Prince Andrew to stick to his previous statement of putting up a fight against the victims of sex-trafficking and extending support to the victims.

A faction of social media followers has also pointed towards his sex scandals adding that he has brought a bad name to the royal family. Andrew should be banned from all the major as well as minor public events of the Royal Family, the critics added.

According to a report published by meaww.com when the lawsuit of Andrew and Epstein's victim Virginia Roberts was settled, the former had promised to "fight against the evils of sex-trafficking, and by supporting its victims." Kaufman's lawyer has called upon Prince Andrew to stay true to his words and volunteer as a witness to the crime committed by Epstein.

A Twitter user while sharing his opinion wrote, "Allegedly, Lawyer Spencer Kuvin, who acts for Caroline Kaufman, wants a statement from Prince Andrew and is threatening to formally serve him with legal papers in person if necessary - I wonder if he is sweating."

Another Twitter user stated, "Representatives for Caroline Kaufman say Andrew was visiting Epstein's home in New York on the night she claims she was raped by the pedophile financier in December 2010."

"It was Wills that got shut. . . Buckingham Palace said, amid huge controversy over his links to Jeffrey #Epstein and alleged abuse of one of his 'sex slaves'. Andrew will not be seen in public during Garter Day #princeandrew #banned #personanongrata." Read a tweet.