Entrepreneurship for Success: The Story of Derek James

Derek James

There is something in us that is gestated even before we are born, that ability to dream. As we grow up, we discover how important it is to have dreams and to start living them. Only a few, like Derek James, have the ingenuity to transform those dreams into a lifestyle and success.

Magic Digital Media was the first successful company that Derek founded. It was a consulting agency for Amazon sellers. There he dedicated his time to advising various brands on how to climb within the platform. This helped in the construction of million-dollar online companies, and it was thanks to his success in this process that he decided to start launching his own brands with his partner.

Go For The Goal: Reach For The One Who Perseveres

The road to your goals will never be easy, especially if it is the first time you are on it. However, moving towards the goal will bring great rewards. The effort a person decides to make to achieve his or her dreams is what determines how far he or she will be able to go.

His first big project was EnerPlex, one of his biggest brands, which he has kept going, generating more than $12 million in monthly sales. Then he started VA Relief; a company specialized in assigning virtual assistants to online sellers and to facilitate the management of various areas of their business, allowing owners to focus on growth rather than tedious back end tasks.

The success of this company has been reflected in clients who achieve sales revenues of $50,000 to as high as $26 million per month. A company that launched the same and without capital gave incredible results. In less than eight months, it hosted 100+ clients utilizing its services and expects to break one thousand end users by the end of Q1 2021.

On the other hand, instead of stopping, he continued promoting his entrepreneurial spirit and created together with his partner, Mayfair Global Ventures Corporation, dedicated to investing in newly created technology companies. The most recent investment was in the seed round of funding for Gamelancer, a gaming platform where players will be able to make money as independent gamers.

Just Take A Leap Of Faith

Although in the beginning, Derek faced the biggest challenge of any entrepreneur, he had few economic resources; this did not stop him from going ahead and working with determination towards the fulfillment of his purposes. Here's some advice Derek shares with young people, "Try things, being young, you can afford to fail for years, at worst you can always get a job, go for your dreams first."

His story shows that knowing how to take advantage of the talent and believing in one's abilities is what makes the difference between those who struggle to undertake their dream and those who are left waiting for what will happen next.