Entrepreneurship Idol Chris Choi's Advice for Success is Life-Changing

Chris Choi

What would it be like to live financially free? To never have to be waiting on the next paycheck? Well, it sounds lovely, and esteemed businessman Chris Choi is teaching others through social media that it is not impossible to achieve. Too many young adults fall into the 9-to-5 lifestyle trap when there are a plethora of options available to shake that industrial-age ideology and bring forth one of complete financial control. Choi finds it "very intriguing to see how so many people spend 12-15 years... [and] hundreds of thousands of dollars in education and yet still struggle with finances." Through his TikTok page of 1.4 million followers, as well as his Instagram page boasting another 245,000 followers, Choi is spreading relevant knowledge on how to become like him free.

Born in South Korea on July 31st, 1991, Chris Choi has accomplished so much in only 30 short years of life. After graduating from his undergraduate program with an impressive double major in Human Biology and Psychology, Choi had his sights set on dental school. After passing his DAT (an incredibly difficult admissions test, mind you) and living through a portion of the dental program, Choi made a decision that would change his life forever– to drop out and pursue his own financial freedom. Using $4,000 drawn from his credit card and another $4,000 from his personal savings, he rented out an Airbnb, a mere one-bedroom apartment. Using this property, Choi sub-rented it out to another person for a small profit, and 7 years later the millions are rolling in.

With over 100 Airbnb sub-renting properties across 4 states and 7 large cities, Chris Choi has definitely earned his title of "Top 1% Airbnb earner." Most likely, the next question on everyone's mind is "How did he do it?" Well, Choi cites mentors as absolutely necessary for timely success in any field. For example, Choi says that "If you want to better your health and body, you want to learn from a personal trainer who's already living that healthy lifestyle. It's exactly the same thing with a business. You want to learn from a business owner who's at least 10 years ahead of you." It's as simple as that! Finding someone who is already a professional in the field to act as a mentor is a surefire means to skip over common mistakes that they themselves have already been through. Fittingly, Choi has many mentors to support him in different areas of his life– a business mentor, a health mentor, a relationship mentor, and a spiritual mentor.

All and all, Chris Choi's mission to push young people towards a lifetime of financial freedom is more than selfless. To dedicate as much time as he does to strictly helping others out of the grit of living paycheck-to-paycheck is commendable in all ways.

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