Entrepreneur Yash Gupta Talks About His Journey & The Hard Work It Takes To Run A Successful Business

Yash Gupta

Managing a business is not only about profits and success; one has to bring a balance to their work-life and personal life too. Many entrepreneurs today start their ventures at an early age while pursuing their studies. So they have to dedicate an equal amount of time to progress in both of them. Entrepreneur Yash Gupta similarly started his journey. Today, he is one of the youngest successful people in India.

Yash Gupta never wanted to do the regular 9-5 job. He is the CEO of Tambhveda and also the Director of Rikayaa Enterprises Private Limited. From his teenage days, he aimed to run a business of his own. His father has been one of the biggest inspirations in his life. Hence, when he was in college studying Bachelor's in Business Administration (BBA) from Amity International Business School in Noida, Yash decided to start working on his dreams.

Tambhveda is a brass and copper manufacturing company known for its unique and artistic copper bottles. Entrepreneur Yash Gupta's second venture Rikayaa Enterprises Private Limited, handles the production and selling work of Copper and Brass strips, sheets, fouls, ingots, billets, wires, etc.

When Yash Gupta was in college, he would often help his father in family business concerns. He would help his dad in strategizing and planning that would lead to the company's benefits. His father always had faith in Yash and knew that he would fulfil his dream and start his own company one day. Today, Yash is an inspiration to many young minds like him. His hard work has brought him to the top. His educational background in Business Administration also plays a key role in helping him plan and drive his company.

About his journey, entrepreneur Yash Gupta shares, "No journey of success is easy. I always knew that I wanted to run my own venture, and that means starting something from scratch, witnessing setbacks and getting up and starting again. But it works out one day, and you feel a little sense of achievement and work more so that your business keeps thriving."