Entrepreneur Suhel Vats considers venturing into the fitness industry and establishing Big Muscles Nutrition as his best life decision

Suhel Vats

One of the aspects of being an entrepreneur is the ability to make quick decisions. Decision-making has been an important part of every entrepreneur's life. It decides the fate of an individual as to how far the business will go in the long run. Suhel Vats, a fitness and wellness entrepreneur took one of the toughest decisions of his life when he parted ways with engineering to run a successful business in the fitness industry. Suhelis is a celebrated name in the fitness world who brought Big Muscles Nutrition to life in 2009.

It is a reputed food supplement brand that has many products to offer like whey proteins, mass gainers, amino acids, pre-workout and post-workout essentials and many other supplements. Big Muscles Nutrition has made its mark in India as well as on a global level with its authentic and genuine products. With a degree in B.Tech, Suhel had the option of playing it safe, but he intended to take a risk and even succeeded in establishing his business empire. After working in a tech company for 2 years, Mr Vats took a leap of faith and went on to try his luck in the fitness industry.

With a lot of courage and determination, he launched the supplement brand that has turned out to be a mammoth success amongst other supplement brands. "Venturing into the fitness industry and launching a supplement brand was by far the best decision I took then. I feel blessed to have come so far in this journey", says MrSuhel. Apart from this, the entrepreneur brought the idea of shrink packaging with his brand products.

All the products launched by Big Muscles Nutrition have international FDA registered and FSSAI Approved.

Earlier Olympic gold medalist Sushil Kumar represented the brand Big Muscles Nutrition. However, since 2018, Bollywood star Ranveer Singh is endorsing the brand. To conclude, Suhel Vats feels fortunate that his brand is helping people in following a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, the supplement brand that has won many recognitions is now all set to enter the prestigious 500 crore club.